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Enterprise-Grade HealthSolutions Made Affordable

World's Fastest Healthcare Solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, & HMOs that work online and offline. Comes with Health APIs too!

Introducing: Hippocrades HealthSuite

Hippocrades HealthSuite offers tailored solutions for medical facilities, whether standalone or integrated, serving hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, HMOs, and healthcare system developers.


Clinic Management System


Hospital Management System


Pharmacy Management System


Healthcare APIs + Infrastructure

Great healthcare starts with fast & reliable health systems.



All-In-One Clinic Management System for Improved Efficiency

MYCURE is a modern practice management system that streamlines administrative and clinical tasks, improves patient care, and enhances the overall efficiency of medical practices. It is custom-built for multi-specialty clinics, specialized clinics (such as dental and aesthetic clinics), diagnostic centers, and healthcare providers.

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The Modern and Intuitive Hospital Management System

Ospitalis is an intuitive Hospital Management System that streamlines administrative, clinical, and financial operations in hospitals. It is an enterprise-grade solution that automates routine tasks, freeing up staff to focus on patient care. Ospitalis is robust, scalable, and provides advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

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Cutting-Edge POS and Inventory Software Designed for Pharmacies

Parmazip is designed to improve pharmacy efficiency with features such as inventory management, point of sale, patient profiles, prescription processing, order tracking, reporting, and analytics capabilities. It reduces potential errors, saves time, helps pharmacies comply with regulations, and improves patient care and business performance.

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All-In-One Clinic Management System for Improved Efficiency

HAPI Hub is an advanced healthcare infrastructure that provides a set of unified APIs, enabling health providers' systems to be instantly secure and compliant. It allows for easy addition, modification, or creation of new health modules and features, providing greater flexibility and customization.

With HAPI Hub, healthcare providers can seamlessly integrate their systems with other platforms, unlocking new capabilities and possibilities.

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What sets Hippocrades apart?

Hippocrades HealthSuite stands out from the rest with its exceptional features. It boasts remarkable speed, allowing for seamless performance both online and offline. It prioritizes security and privacy, while also capable of blockchain integration.

Amazingly Fast.

Hippocrades uses low level code, resulting in high-performance web apps for fast user experience.

Online. Offline. It just works.

Hippocrades' Syncpony tech enables offline work, auto-syncing to cloud when online.

Privately Secured.

Global security standards plus its proprietary Portcupine privacy concoction.

Web 3.0 ready.

Future proof and works with HIPPR, a decen­tralized health data exchange.

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Heal the World Securely

Hippocrades aims to enhance healthcare with modern, interoperable, secure, solutions that are amazingly fast and affordable.

Now available

Easy Onboarding

In addition to its user-friendly interface and design, Hippocrades provides online video courses, enabling seamless learning and onboarding for every member of your entire team.

MYCURE for Beginners

Learning the Basics of the most complete Clinic Management System

MYCURE Core Modules

Learn the fundamentals of MYCURE's core features.

MYCURE Admin Module

Learn to configure and modify to what suits your needs.

MYCURE Premium Modules

Learning what's under the hood of MYCURE's premium features.

It's about time.

In today's digital age, more people than ever before are using the internet and mobile devices. However, despite this progress, the world of health solutions remains fragmented, expensive, and challenging to navigate.

Many health facilities, from hospitals to pharmacies, still rely on paper-based systems to manage their patients' medical records. This outdated approach not only leads to inefficiencies but also puts sensitive data at risk.

At the same time, billions of people around the world still lack access to their healthcare data due to the absence of reliable health systems. This lack of access creates significant barriers to receiving proper care, leading to unnecessary suffering and lost lives.

Hippocrades offers fast and affordable health solutions that work both online and offline. They are designed to be easy to use, secure, and interoperable, enabling healthcare facilities to provide better care to their patients while keeping their data safe.

With these solutions in place, healthcare providers can streamline their operations and focus on delivering quality care to those who need it most.